"The grip is incredible, no more slipping! Also its super comfortable for knees and joints, but at the same time it supports you in every movement."

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  • Fast, Tracked & Reliable Worldwide Shipping!
  • Unbeatable Customer Care
  • Eco-conscious At Every Step
  • Ethically Produced With Love
  • Anti-slide technology - Hate losing your grip whilst flowing? So did we. The grippiest mat on the market, even during those sweaty flows.
  • Larger and thicker - Never run out of space again. More room and comfort to focus on your beautiful movement.
  • Supportive and cushioned - You're most creative when you're comfortable. The perfect balance of support for your incredible movement and padding for your precious joints
  • Shock absorbing - Move in confidence. We all get it wrong sometimes, but your mat has your back with its perfect shock absorbing qualities.

Fall in 🤍 with movement again

"As a yoga enthusiast and teacher, this yoga mat truly stands out. Its impressive grip gives me confidence in various poses, while the comfortable cushioning makes my practice sessions and teaching more enjoyable. It's heartening to see even my beginner students benefit from its joint-friendly cushioning during their practice."

Sofya - Verified OLIE Customer

  • Ethically made - we don't just care about out beautiful customers, but we care about everyone involved with OLIE. That's why all of our manufacturers have had audits to ensure fair conditions and pay 🖤
  • Eco-conscious at every step - We don't claim to be an eco-brand. But we are doing everything we can to be kind to the environment. From our net-zero carbon logistics centre to our recycled and fully recyclable packaging.
  • Built to last - Ever heard the term 'buy cheap, buy twice'? Not at OLIE. You're investing in your new, longterm best friend.
  • World-class customer service - Here to make sure every member of the OLIE family is happy and feels valued. No matter your issue, we are here to solve it.

More information

MEANING: The Moon Mat is a symbol of femininity, wisdom, intuition, renewal and the cycle of life. Each phase holds its own magic and power, representing the ebb and flow of life. Each cycle is a humble reminder of the light and shadows that exist within all of us. 

“The moon doesn’t consider one phase better than the other, she just glows, equally stunning at each turn. Why should we be any different?” - Cristen Rodgers 

With each phase bringing a different opportunity to shift energy, let go of something that no longer serves you, dive a little deeper inwards or manifest your dreams into reality.

NEW MOON: New beginnings and fresh starts. A time for reflection, setting quiet intentions and journaling on the things you want to bring forwards.

CRESCENT MOON: offers a boost of hope and positivity as you work on your goals for the cycle. This is where you embrace the dreams you imagined for yourself.

HALF MOON: A time to make decisions. Use the phase’s momentum to overcome any resistance you might currently be facing along the way.

FULL MOON: A time of letting go and releasing. Your chance to quit habits, leave things behind and focus your attention on healing.

It’s time to step into your creative energy, it’s time you allow yourself to be seen fully, to know that you already have all the light within you to shine through any darkness you might face.

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Please contact us before organizing a return so we can help you with the process. We do our absolute best to provide you with as much information and detailed imagery of each and every product we sell, so it's as true to the original as possible.

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ETHICAL: Beautifully created in a certified ethical manufacturing centre.

Frequently asked questions

OLIE mats are made from PU and natural rubber.

The surface layer is made from premium PU material, designed to absorb sweat to ensure you don't slip or slide during your downward dog or push-ups.

The mat can maintain its grip, whether it is dry or sweaty.

The material is also breathable, making it easy to clean your mat.

The bottom layers of the mat are made from natural rubber.

Our OLIE mats are environmentally friendly and recyclable!

Yes! We have received an official report from an auditor who inspected our manufacturing center's working conditions.

This audit is called a Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) and is a non-profit scheme.

This monitors the supply chain to ensure that everything is made ethically and socially responsible.
They check things such as:

  • Worker's involvement and protection.
  • Discrimination in the workplace.
  • Fair remuneration (pay).
  • Decent working hours.
  • No child labor.

And much, much more.

While we don't claim to be a sustainable brand, we do everything possible to reduce our environmental impact.

Our mats are made from eco-friendly materials, such as natural rubber and PU, which are recyclable, meaning that when your mat reaches the end of its journey with you, it can be recycled. 

Our warehouse is carbon-neutral, and our custom packaging is made from 75% recycled materials and is fully recyclable. 

We will continue to invest in new technology and techniques to make OLIE as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible while not sacrificing on quality and performance of our products. 

All orders placed Monday-Friday and before 2pm UK time will be processed the same day.

Orders placed after 2pm on Friday and during the weekend will be sent out the following Monday.

OLIE currently ships to:

  • The United States
  • The United Kingdom
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  • Singapore

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Yes we do!

For UK orders, we offer next working day delivery.

International customers can receive their orders in as little as 2 working days!

All orders will be emailed a tracking number where you will be able to follow your order all the way from leaving our wonderful warehouse team, to your door!

Due to the OLIE mats being made from premium materials and being thicker and more supportive than most other mats, they are reasonably heavy.

The combination of the premium mat with the incredibly high shipping charges worldwide due to COVID, inflation, and other factors, means that international shipping prices are costly. 

We’ve done what we can to reduce the shipping prices by working with our fantastic logistics team and will continue to explore the most cost-effective shipping options.

OLIE mats are designed to remain grippy even during the sweatiest flows and workouts.

It's worth noting however that OLIE mats are not specifically designed to be used for hot yoga.

This is due to the design of the yoga mat, which gives it it's incredible grip and recyclable, eco-friendly properties.

Whilst many OLIE users love using their mat during their hot yoga sessions, using the mat regularly in hot and humid environments will reduce its lifespan.

Read all of the OLIE FAQ's here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
The cutest mat and great for hot yoga

I bought this mat to use for hot yoga. It's incredibly grippy and if you're looking for something cute and functional it's perfect. I get so many compliments! The only (minor) downsides: the mat is SO grippy that it collects dust and little debris and smudges. It is also a little difficult to clean BECAUSE it's so grippy. So if you're looking for something perfect for hot yoga and don't mind the other aspects this is your mat!

A gift

I adopted this mat the second I set foot on it. I feel safe, confident, anchored.
My practice gets better. Thank you so much for imagining, creating and sharing this mat.

Fiona Magee
amazing moon mat

treated myself to this smooth long comfy yoga mat and it’s just perfect.. it’s the first mat i’ve had that i don’t slip on :-) buy this ! 🧘‍♀️

Daria Romanenko
Incredible mat

Incredible yoga mat, the grip is very strong, this allows you to improve even very difficult asanas. The design is very inspiring and stylish; I highly recommend it for your practice

Sofya Lebedeva
It's so grippy & comforting, I love it!

As a yoga enthusiast and teacher, this yoga mat truly stands out. Its impressive grip gives me confidence in various poses, while the comfortable cushioning makes my practice sessions and teaching more enjoyable. As soon as I step onto the mat, I know I am at home in my body, and it's heartening to see even my beginner students benefit from its joint-friendly cushioning during their practice.