More than a mat, OLIE is a movement.

We are here to cultivate a community built on the foundations of integrity, quality and individuality.

Your safe space, to re-define what movement means to you.

A few words from our founder.

Our journey has not been smooth sailing, we have fought hard to be here today. This would not be possible without the loyalty and support from our community. You are the reason that we have the opportunity to evolve, grow and expand.

You are the heart of OLIE.

I wanted to create a brand that not only enhanced my practice and my workouts but a brand that embodied and aligned with my personal values of integrity, quality and individuality. We are committed to learning and cultivating a safe space built on the foundations of inclusivity, diversity and community.

My hope is that when you step on your OLIE mat you feel inspired, you feel connected to why you were called to this movement, to have the courage to listen to your intuition and go where you feel drawn to. Where you step outside of the box that the world has put you in and re-define what movement means to you.

Movement has introduced me to versions of myself I didn't know existed and my hope is that you find the magic that has existed within you all along.

Love, Jess xx


Here at OLIE we truly feel that it is important to build strong foundations throughout our entire business.

OUR PROCESS. In order to find the perfect team to manufacture our products we sourced countless samples and reviewed multiple manufacturers. After several months of samples, we found our match. We are proud to say that our manufacturers align with our values and ethics.

SMALL STEPS. As a small business we wanted to do what we could where possible to reduce our carbon footprint and be kinder to the planet.



Our warehouse in the UK is completely carbon neutral, being the first completely carbon neutral fulfilment facility. With over 200 solar panels on their roof, their site produces 212.10 kWp of energy saving 67000kw and 93.37 tonnes of Co2 a year.


Our products are premium and we believe that our packaging should be too. We have invested in custom and bespoke packaging for all of our OLIE products to ensure that your mat arrives safely. During the development process we designed the packaging from scratch, trialling and refining until we got it just right. With little hidden messages and attention to detail, not only has our packaging been reinforced to protect your mat while it gets to you, we also wanted you to enjoy the process of opening your order. In order to achieve this delicate balance, our custom OLIE packaging is made from 60% recycled card and can be recycled again. Once you have received your OLIE mat, you would have opened your box to find your yoga mat rolled tightly in a beautiful glossy wrap. Designed to protect your mat, this custom wrap has been made from 100% recycled materials and can also be recycled again.


Our OLIE mats are also recyclable, so once your mat has seen better days, please make sure you don't just throw it away!

We know that there is always more that we can do. As we grow, expand and are able to access different technologies our hope is that this list gets longer.