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How To Feel Home Wherever You Go - Yoga Special - THISISOLIE.COM

How To Feel Home Wherever You Go - Yoga Special

This post was kindly written by the amazing Marine. Please go follow her on socials for the most breathtaking content available.

For quite a while, I shut that inner craving begging me to implement routines and daily habits; I was cultivating this limiting belief that it was something somewhat negative because I associated having routines to having a boring life.

With time, I understood two things: the first one is that there are routines, and there are routines. The second one being, it does not matter what others think, say, or even need, because all that really matters is what makes ME feel good.

There are routines that ground you, and make you feel safe; and there are routines that keep you in an inclusive, closed bubble that prevents you from growing.

To build a balanced, joyful life, I am convinced it's important to be clear with the routines you have right now, those you don't have, and figure out what are those that lift you up and those that take you down.

I've been travelling for quite a while over the past four years of my life. And god knows how much I need structure in my daily life to feel safe and present.

In all the journeys I went on, from europe to usa, asia or even australia - I mean, EVERYWHERE - the main routine that kept me sane no matter what my external environment was, is my yoga mat. And today, it still is.

Everyday, no matter where I am or who I am with, no matter how I feel, coming back to my inner self through my yoga practice has been the most healing, powerful practice.

The physical space of a yoga mat creates the material, tangible space I need to exist anywhere and everywhere I am.

And beyond that materialistic approach, there is a ritual; a ritual, is a habit you repeat each day, consistently for a long period of time, and more or less at the same time.

I personally enjoy enrolling my mat in the morning; and appreciate a warm cup of coffee in the afternoon, either alone with a notebook or my laptop, or shared with a loved one.

Of course there are days where I am adjusting those times so that I can allow myself to flow with life, while being more in tune with myself at each moment.

And because it's so healthy as well to be able to change things up somedays, so you cultive that feeling of missing, and you thus better appreciate it again the day after once you get back to it.

We always hear how necessary it is to jump into discomfort, because the unknown is what creates that inner spark that keeps us alive.

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But jumping into comfort is as necessary to enjoy a fulfilling life. Whenever I travel for short periods of times, and don't manage having those me times each day, discomfort arises; through discomfort, I experience what it feels like to be unaligned and disconnected from my true self.

Because when you are so present for others, it gets easy to lose yourself, just because you want to fit it.

Unrolling my mat, spending a few hours on my laptop to get some work done, texting or calling a loved one, grab my daily coffee; those are all small rituals in which my hypersensitive self manages recharging her batteries.

Moments of stillness and quietness I deeply need to find the way back to myself.

I know how hard it can be to stick to routines and rituals, especially when our schedules tend to get so busy.

The best advice I could give you, is to change the way you speak to yourself, and simply adjust your schedule when in comes to prioritise.

And it all starts with the intention you are setting for yourself every morning: what is the intention that drives you through life? what is it that you need to feel a certain way? what can you do today, and every other day, to tell yourself I love you? what can you do today, that your future self will thank you for?

If you have a vision, then you can take the right actions now to move towards that direction.

Coming back to YOU every single day, will make you a better You for yourself, but also for others. And believe it or not, but to know that self so well, you must create moments of silence and solitude.

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We all are very unique it's a fact, and in that way, we will have different desires and ways to recharge.

For some people - that we call extravert - they tend to be more energised and happy when in contact with others.

For others, it's the opposite - it's within loneliness and silence only that they can refill their cup. It really does not matter what you do, or how you do it, because those rituals are yours.

Yet to figure out who YOU truly are, you'll need at some point to meet with yourself, to discuss with yourself, to get to know yourself better. Because the relationship you have with yourself is as important as the one you cultivate with others - if not more. 

To the word ritual, I like to associate the word sacred

When it's sacred, it's a number one priority, and it becomes a daily rendez vous you don't want to miss - and nothing or no one can change that, unless you choose to.