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"My hope is that when you step on your OLIE mat you feel inspired, you feel connected to why you were called to this movement,

to have the courage to listen to your intuition and go where you feel drawn to.

Where you step outside of the box that the world has put you in and re-define what movement means to you."

- Jessica Olie, Founder.


Not all mats are made equal.

I found myself struggling to find a one that met my needs, wants and expectations.

We wanted to create a product that truly elevated the movement experience, supported the body through any type of exercise, maintained it's grip even when you get sweaty and make sure that it looked cute while doing it. Oh and it needed to last. Be ethically made. Thicker and longer.

Things that you might not know you even needed in a mat, but we know you'll thank us for it later.

So the mats you see today have gone through rigorous testing by us, our friends, family, our community of movement lovers, yogis, pilates teachers and HIIT fanatics to ensure that you get the mat you deserve. And you only deserve the best.

Our goal goes deeper than function and performance. It's to foster connection. To build a community. To inspire + support movement. To elevate performance, both mentally and physically. To encourage movement lovers around the world to embrace their evolution, on and off the mat.

Think of us as your foundation. One that will last. One that is strong. One that will be with you every step of the way in your journey. A journey where we hope will bring you, closer to you.